Product Name:Stepper Motor,Precision Linear Stages,Application for Industry

Model: PSAXXX-13-X

Supplier: Zolix

Stepper Motor,Precision Linear Stages,Application for Industry

This series is developed specially for industrial customers,The base has adopted u-shapped new construction ,super-rigid,and special for high-load and group-dimensional. Elastic gasket ensure sealing of motion .The key index is up to the international level of similar products by rigid inspection.Especially suitable for high-seal and un-dust application fields ;For example:laser piezo cutting ,LCD cutting and solar panels cutting.
■Products characteristic :
◆Precision ball screw,precision linear slide,ensure accuracy and linear of motion.
◆Key and main self-made parts have adopted integrated processing ,ensure rigidty of products.
◆The design of the special seal,ensure the sealing ; Application fileds for laser processing and laser cutting .
◆Unique,strictly assemblely process,ensure the consistancy of the products.
◆Limited swtiches and zero switch ,ensure the safety.



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ModelPSA050-13-xPSA100-13-xPSA200-13-x PSA300-13-xPSA400-13-x
Travel Range(mm)50100200300400
Screw Pitch(mm)Ball Screw, Pitch 4 mmBall Screw, Pitch 5 mm
8 Sub -Resolution (μm)2.53.125
Max Speed (mm/sec.)4050
Repeatability (μm)<3
Backlash (μm)<5
Straightness<10μm<10 μm/100mm
Parrallism<15μm<15 μm/100mm
Stepper Motor57(1.8°)
Max. Center Load(kg)5070

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