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Product Name:DSR100--- Detector Responsivity Measurement System

Model: DSR100

Supplier: Zolix

                                                           DSR100--- Detector Responsivity  Measurement System

DSR100 can measurement spectral responsivity of UV detector,visible light detector and IR detector;


  • Wide spectral range : 200-2500nm and 1-14um;
  • Turnkey system,more convenient to operate ;
  • Modulation method improve S/N;
  • Full reflection optical light path ,optimize spot;
  • High stability light source reduce background noise;
  • Large size sample chamber is more convenient for user to adjust;
  • Light Path Video Monitor ensure small size detector will be located precisely;
  • Software—data output format support the third software;

System Performance
Spectral Range200-2500nm1-14um
Test SotFocus beam/0.3-3mmFocus beam/0.3-3mm
Light SourceDeuterium/Tungsten-halogen
Dual Light Source
/ Carborundum Dual Light Source
Stability of Light Intensity≤0.8%/ Software Swift≤2%/ Software Swift
Triple Grating MonochromatorSpectral Resolution:<0.1nm
Spectral Resolution:
Sweep space: min0.005nmSweep space: min0.005nm
Spectral filtering deviceChoose filter automatically according to wavelength
Light Frequency4-400Hz
Sensitivity of Data Acquisition SystemLock-in amplifier;2nV; DC Data Acquisition System(option)
Calibrated detectorSi(calibrated 200-1100nm)Pyroelectric
Repeatability of spectral responsibility≤±1.5%≤±5%(calibrated
Center height of Light305mm305mm
System Size1500x1200mmx560mm1500x1200mmx560mm


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