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Product Name:PEC Photochemistry Measurement System


Supplier: Zolix

                                   PEC Photochemistry Measurement System


PEC Photochemistry Measurement System includes: Xenon Light Source, Spectrometer, Sample Chamber, Data Acquisition System, Calibrated Si Detector, Electrolytic Cell ,Software and related accessories;

The main application :
measure Spectral Responsibility,Quantum Efficiency, Jsc, I/V curve, I/T curve, V/T curve, Optical Power of Photochesmistry Cell and DSSC;  For example:  TiO2、 Fe2O3、 WO3、Metal Sulfide、Selenides、Perovskite 、Oxides(Tin, Zinc ,Cerium Zirconium and Hafnium Strontium) and Semiconductor;




Modular Design: more convenient to connect with different photochemistry workstations;
Low stray light test sample chamber
DC mode
Support two electrode and three electrode measurement at the same time
Special scheme for photochemistry cell 

Performance Parameter

Spectral Range: 300-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth: 1nm-15nm adjustable
Optical Power Density: >500uW/cm^2;
Voltage Range: ±5V; Voltage Resolution: 10uV;
Current Range: ±5mA; Current Resolution: 10pA; Current  Accuracy:<0.1%;
Sensitivity: 2nA
Repeatability: <1% 

System Components

A.  Tunable Monochromatic Light Source:
150W Xenon Light Source
300mm Focal Length Spectrometer(spectral range 300-1100nm);
B.  Sample Chamber : the max size of electrolytic cell is 80mm
C.  Data Acquisition System: uECS micro-photochemistry measurement system;it connects PC by USB interface;
D.    Calibrated Si Detector


1.TiO2  Quantum Efficiency Measurement Curve  

2.TiO2  Spectral Responsibility Curve

3.Optical Power Density Curve(Xenon Light Source)


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