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Product Name:Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Measurement System


Supplier: Zolix


Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Measurement System(DC model) includes Tunable Monochromatic Light source,Dark Room, Data Acquisition System and related accessories ;

Certification Meet IEC 60904-8 standard test condition
Application Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell(DSSC) 
Spectral Range 300-1100nm
Measurement Parameter Spectral Responsivity,Quantum Efficiency, Jsc Density
Sample size 100x100mm
Test Mean DC Mode,DC&Bias light
System Repeatability is less than 1%

Dual Light Sources illuminate the device vertical perpendicularly,
Tunable Monochromatic Light Source Modular
Suitable for loading device for testing.
Reflective light path design without chromatic dispersion
Beam Size can be manually adjusted in 7 positions from 3mm - 10mm diameter
It is very easy for optical filters, detectors measurement.
Collimating Second Beam Path-- Integrated dual filter wheels for changing light condition to test optical component.
DC mode (It can upgrade to AC mode after adding lock-in amplifier and chopper)



Measurement Result


Green Curve : AC(3.8Hz)+0.1Sun Bias Light
Blue Curve: DC(No Bias Light)
Red Curve: DC+0.1SunBias Light. This measurement also approved by customer

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