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Product Name:GaiaField -----Portable Hyperspectral Imaging System

Model: GaiaField

Supplier: zolix


GaiaField hyperspectral system is ultraportable hyperspectral imaging system and developed by Zolix. It is composed of three parts: multi-dimensional motion controller, spectral camera and imaging spectrometer.
It can be widely used in target recognition, camouflage , counter camouflage military application field and ground objects, water body telemetry, modern fine agriculture ecological environment condition monitoring and criminal investigation, the protection of cultural relics, biomedicine and industry sorting, etc.

 One button to achieve automatic exposure, automatic focusing, automatic scanning speed matching, etc.
Auxiliary view camera.
Dustproof grade: IP5, Waterproof grade: IP1.
Built-in battery can continuously work more than 4 hours.
Data preview and correction function: radiance correction and reflectance correction. regional correction can support batch processing.
Exchangeable lens for GaiaField-F and GaiaField-R.
Only one USB cable connect to computer.
The data format compatibility with Evince, Envi and other data analysis software.
Support win7 system( 32 bits and 64 bits)

Visible Light&Near Infrared
Full-wave band, provide more than 700 spectrum channels
GaiaField portable hyperspectral system is used high resolution imaging spectrometer ,the spectral resolution of visible light band is as high as 3 nm, and can achieve 10 nm spectral resolution in short wave infrared band; Therefore full-wave band (400-1000nm) can get more than 700 spectrum channels, more spectral channel means more information, which can help the researchers to gain more research details information through the continuous spectrum analysis.

Unique Hardware&Software Function
Auxiliary camera function

 Through auxiliary camera to observe the target area.
Display current slit position.
Select automatic exposure and automatic focusing area, it is completed by mouse.

Automatic focusing function
The automatic focusing function solves these questions of not easy to judge and inconvenience for traditional manual focusing model.
Object distance can be calculated by auto focusing.
The module and arithmetic of automatic focusing are devised by Zolix. It has solved that complex operation and low efficiency for traditional spectral camera focus model. User only need to press one button, the system will automatically complete focusing within 15 seconds without any additional knowledge. Through the function of automatic focusing,this system can also measure the object distance and realize automatic scanning speed matching.

Automatic scanning speed matching, automatic exposure
Automatic exposure: according to the current lighting conditions, get accurate exposure time by exposure testing. Getting optimal signal-to-noise ratio, at the same time, also can avoid overexposure data to be invalid. And the software has the function of real-time overexposure monitoring.

Automatic scanning speed matching: according to the current exposure time parameters, get real-time frame rate by testing shoot, therefore calculate the appropriate scanning speed. Thus the deformation of the scan image is avoided (stretching or compression).

Image stretching (scanning speed too fast)Image compression
(scanning speed too slow)
Overexposure prompt

GaiaField Specification

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