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Ultra- Precision Linear Stages


Model: uKSA Ultra- Precision Linear Stages

■uKSA series ultra-high precision motorized translation stage,includes travels are below: 50,100,150,200mm;It is our new product, specification is international standards: for example: closed-loop resolution is 0.1μm,straightness and parallel during whole travel is less than 6μm,,yaw,pitch is less than 15〞.Application:ultra-high precision fileds;for example: ultra-high precision laser marking,laser scanning measurement.

  • import ultra-precision grating internal, closed-loop resolution is 0.1μm in conjunction with MC600 controller
  • import ultra-high level balll screw,achieve high position
  • import ultra-high level cross roller rail, ensure straightness,parallel,yaw,pitch and related specification in conjunction with zolix special precision grinding craft(including Al base precision grind)
  • assemble craft and test method that higher international, ensure all the products performance
  • closed dust-cover, suit for any condition
  • planning servo-motor of this series


Model uKSA50 uKSA100 uKSA150 uKSA200
Price(USD) 3667 4167 4667 5167
Travel(mm) 50 100 150 200
Pitch(mm) 4
Motor Model FHB366-D(three phase stepper motor)
Resolution(um) Closed-loop resolution  0.1um
Max speed(mm/s) 40
Repeatability(um) <2
Backlash(um) <1
Straightness(um) <6 <10
Weight(Kg) 15 18 22 25
Load 30
    Motor Diagram

Grating Diagram

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