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Product Name:Fluorescence Spectrometer

Model: OmniFluo

Supplier: Zolix

Fluorescence Spectrometer-OmniFluo 
The modular ZLX-FS fluorescence spectrometer is designed for the precise measurement of excitation and emission spectra from solid or liquid samples and has found application in many fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and environmental monitoring. The system comprises of two high throughput monochromators, high sensitivity detectors and a highly stabilised light source to ensure the best system performance.
The excitation channel can be provided with an optional reference detector to permit corrected excitation spectra to be performed. The emission channel can also be characterised and a spectral correction file provided to correct for detector and monochromator spectral characteristics for the most demanding of applications.
The system can also be configured with optical fibres on both excitation and emission channels to allow remote monitoring of fluorescence events.


Diagram of System

System Configurations


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