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Product Name:Photoluminescence & Electroluminescence Measurement System (PL/EL)


Supplier: zolix

    Photoluminescence & Electroluminescence  Measurement System (PL/EL)


PL/EL Measurement System includes Laser, Spectrometer, Lock-in amplifier, Optical Chopper, Sample Holder(PL/EL), PMT/CCD, Fiber, Optical optics, Optical Table, Refrigerator(low temperature),Sample Chamber and related accessories;

Materials Science(Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Luminescence Properties Testing),
Biology(Chlorophylls,Carotenoids),Biomedicine(Fluorescence in the diagnosis of malignant disease),Environment Monitoring and so on;

Typical Application:
 LED Luminescent Materials
Research for Semiconductor(Laser: 325nm,442nm,758nm and so on;
The excitation material: GaN,ZnO,GaAs;


Modular Design: This system achieve functional diversification by different
                               accessories on the basis of Modular Design;
                               For example: PLE Spectrum Measurement,Roman Spectrum
                               Measurement,Transmittance/ Reflection&Absorption Spectrum
                               Measurement,Low Temperature PL Measurement and so on;
                               Multi-functional Sample Chamber
Ultra-Width Spectrum Measurement from UV-NIR
Integration Design(All the parts are fixed on the breadboard)

System Components
A.     Lasers : user can choose wavelength according to requirements, for example : 325nm,442nm,758nm and so on;
B.     Spectrometer: focal length has 300mm,500mm,750mm
C.    Lock-in amplifier and optical chopper
D.    PMT(spectral range: 185-900nm or higher); CCD;
E.     PL/EL sample holder/chamber
F.     Refrigerator

ZnO PL&EL Curve

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