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Product Name:Steady-State Fluorescence/ Photoluminescence System


Supplier: zolix

Steady-State Fluorescence/ Photoluminescence System
Fluorescence & Photoluminescence occur when a sample is excited by absorbing photons and then emits them with a decay time that is characteristic of the sample environment. Fluorescence is a term used by chemists when the absorbing and emitting species is an atom or molecule. Photoluminescence is the term physicists use to describe the absorption and emission of light by things such as semiconductors and nanotubes. Regardless of the terminology, when samples absorb photons and then emit them at a different wavelength the resultant light can be dispersed by a spectrograph, the spectrum can be detected by a device such as a CCD, and information can be gleaned about the sample

OmniFluo Steady-State Fluorescence/ Photoluminescence System

· Materials science (wide bandgap semiconductor materials luminescence properties testing), biology (chlorophyll and carotenoid testing)

· Biomedical (fluorescence diagnosis of malignant disease)
· Environment monitoring

System Specifications

 · Modular design, different function perfect combination to fit your specific needs
· Extended wavelength range with triple grating monochromators, 200 nm-2500 nm
· Emission spectroscopy correction function
· High output power, 150W or 500W Xenon light source
· Different Laser wavelength option, 266nm/325nm/ 375nm/405nm/442nm/532nm/785nm/1064nm.
· Quantum Yield-Expansion option
·  EL-Expansion option
· Ultralow temperature accessory (≤10K)

System Performance (Water Raman S/N Ratio: 3128:1)

Wavelength Range200 nm to 2500 nm
Fluorescence Spectral Resolution0.1 nm
Excitation Light SourceTunable Light Source (150W/500W Xenon Light Source with 320mm monochromator)
Excitation Output Bandwidth0.1 nm to 30 nm
Optional Laser266 nm/325 nm/375 nm/405 nm/442 nm/532 nm/785 nm/1064 nm
Optional DetectorTE-cooled CCD (2000*256)TE-cooled InGaAs( 512*1)PhotoMultiplier TubeTE-cooled InGaAs
200-1000 nm800-2200 nm200-870 nm800-2500 nm
DataAcquisitionUnit--single photon counting or lock-in amplifierlock-in amplifier
Note: Above are the basic configuration, the specification depends on different requirements !

System composition

1.Excitation light source: UV to NIR wavelength range light source or laser.
2.Spectroscopy acquisition: imaging calibration spectrograph/ monochromator, high sensitivity scientific CCD or single-channel detectors, and data acquisition unit.
3.Sample chamber: solid powders sample holder, ultralow temperature sample stage and so on.


OmniFluo Fluorescence Basic Configuration

The basic configuration of OmniFluo is for fluorescence spectra and fluorescence excitation spectra measurement. And this configuration can be updated to NIR spectral range coverage.

The excitation and emission spectra of rare earth material  Ca2YSbO6

OmniFluo Photoluminescence(PL) Basic Configuration

OmniFluo Photoluminescence(PL) System can realize the PL/PLE fluorescence spectra measurement. This system solves the energy shortage problem effectively for some experiment using Xenon lamp as the excitation light source. And you can add the sample temperature controllers for ultralow temperature testing condition, which is very convenient for rare earth luminescent material luminous performance research.

Sample Test :

PL&EL of InGaN/GaN, excitation 325nm Laser with 30mW Power , Spectral Range:340-700nm 

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