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Product Name:Laser Confocal Raman Microspectrometer

Model: Finder One

Supplier: zolix

Finder One Laser Confocal Raman Microspectrometer

Finder One Configuration

Finder One 
Spectral Range180-5,000cm-1 (high sensitivity) 90-5,000cm-1 (low wavenumber)
Resolution≤2cm-1 (@585.25nm)
Laser OptionsStandard:532nm ( ≥100mW,TEM00) Options: 325nm, 633nm, 785nm etc.
DetectorTE air-cooled CCD (LDC-DD)
Effective Pixel2000×256
Pixel Size15×15μm
Quantum Efficiency95%@780nm
Dimension: 1060x 685x 512mm
Note: Above specification are 532nm laser, the specification will be different according to different laser wavelength.

(Sample:Flash Rock
Laser :532nm)


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