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Product Name:Omni-λ-180D Double Monochromator/Spectrometer

Model: Omni-λ-180D

Supplier: zolix

Omni-λ-180D Double Monochromator/Spectrometer

●   Dispersion subtraction double monochromator/spectrometer
●   Stray Light is less than 10-9
●   Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated, designed as modular convenient for transportation and installation
●   USB2.0 interface
●   Dual gratings cover from UV-VIS-NIR spectral range
●   Wide range of accessories : filter wheel etc.


Tunable Light Source
Raman spectrum measurement
Dtector spectral responsibility measurement

Besides, we also supply 300mm/500mm double monochromator , please contact us if you have more requirement .

Model Sheet (@1200g/mm grating)

Focal Length(mm)180
Grating size (mm)40x40
Relative aperturef/3.9
Resolution (nm)0.25
Reciprocal Dispersion(nm/mm)3.7
Wavelength Accuracy(nm)±0.2
Wavelength Repeatability (nm)±0.1
Stray Light<1x10-9


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