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Product Name:300W Photocatalysis Light Source

Model: Siriu 300P

Supplier: Zolix

300W Photocatalysis Light Source

·  High effective parabolic condenser ensure high collimation and high energy output
·  The light height can be adjustable according to customer's requirement
·  Light Source can be used as whole system or separately( housing and power supply can be divided into separate parts)
·  The power supply can be turned off automatically by setting time
·  High effective air-cooling has improved bulb lifetime
·  High stability,unstability degree<1°

Sirius-300P series photocatalysis light source has high output from UV to NIR, Sirius-300P-F focus on simulated sunlight of visible light; Sirius-300P-UV has strong continuous output within 200-400nm and focus on applications of high UV requirements. Spectral curve as right picture:


Power Supply VoltageAC190~240V 50Hz FUSE~5AAC190~240V 50Hz FUSE~5A
Rated Power300W(180~320W)300W(180W~320W)
CurrentDC 21A(10A~22A)DC 21A(10A~22A)
VoltageDC 14V(13~16V)DC 14V(13~16V)
Output Power50W50W
Spectral Range320~2500nm200~2500nm
Output Powe(UV)<390nm(Watts)2.6W6.6W
Output Powe(IR) >770nm(Watts)28.826.8
Output Power(VIS) 390-770nm(Lumens)5000Lu4500Lu
Power Intensity5~15Sun@50mm5~15Sun@50mm
Color Temperature5600K5050K
Bean Diameter50mm adjustable50mm adjustable
Divergence Angle of Parallel LightAverage 5°Average 5°
Center Height of Output Light70-220mm adjustable70-220mm adjustable
Bulb Life(Hours)1000H to 6000H1000H to 6000H

Photocatalysis, industrial catalysis, hydrogen aquatic photolysis, photochemical catalysis, photochemistry synthesis, optical degradation of pollutants, water pollution treatment, biological light, optical detection, various accelerated test simulated sunlight visible, ultraviolet band accelerated test and other research areas.

Safety Tips

Automatic power off after open the cover
The system will automatic power off if the cover of power supply/housing is opended by man-made,it ensure user's safety.

Overheating protection function
The system will automatic power off when the housing temperature over safety,ensure lamp will work within safe condition and prolong life.

Trigger protection function
The system will ban on lighting if light is not successful trigger for ten seconds .Avoid long time continuous frequent light caused damage of trigger and bulb.

Bulb life tips
Most electric energy transform to heat when the bulb output attenuation is too large,bulb explosion danger is exist. Sirius300P can check bulb condition and give tips for customer to change bulb when it is danger.

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