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Product Name:150W-250W Tungsten-halogen Light Source

Model: GLORIA-T150A/T250A

Supplier: zolix

150W-250W Tungsten-halogen Light Source

· Stable VIS-NIR sources
· Precision external lamp adjustments
· Choice of different UV-NIR condensing optics for collimated beam
· Supports wide range of accessories

The collimated bean diameter is 46mm and optical axis height is from 157 to 193mm.


Tungsten halogen lamps become up to 900℃ hot (surface temperature) during operation. They require a safe, temperature-controlled environment. Below 200℃ the halogen cycle does not work. There is also a maximum permitted pinch temperature which must not in any case be exceeded during operation.
The housing has a cooling fan built in that provides the proper air flow.

Lamp adjustment

The housing has precise external lamp adjusters. They let you place the filament where it is needed. This is important for simplifying fiber and slit illumination. In many applications this eliminates the need for readjusting any optics located in the beam path outside the housing.


A spherical reflector collects the output from the rear of the lamp and focuses it on or near the arc, for collection by the condenser. The output is increased by as much as 60%.

Power Supply
Current ripple0.05%0.05%
Input voltage(V)110/220V AC±10%110/220V AC±10%

ModelPower(W)Current(A)Voltage(V)Approx. flx (lm)Color temperature(K)Average life (h)

Ordering Information
To build a complete halogen source you will need: Lamp housing, condensing optic, lamp and adapter, power supply and interface. As an option you might choose the rear reflector for more output.
GLORIA-T150A150w Tungsten-halogen Light Source150W Tungsten-halogen Light Source(GLORIA-T150A) housing(LSH-T150A), power supply(LSP-T150A), lamp(LSB-T150).
GLORIA-T250A150w Tungsten-halogen Light Source250W Tungsten-halogen Light Source(GLORIA-T250A)
power supply(LSP-T250A), lamp(LSB-T250).

Safety Tips
· Although compared to arc and deuterium lamps it is only a little, tungsten halogen still produce UV radiation. Especially in the high wattages the ultraviolet radiation is hazardous. Always wear protective eyewear. When imaging the filament to small probes you will even need welding goggles during adjustments because of glare.
· Tungsten halogen lamps reach surface temperatures up to 900° C during operation. So the cooling period can last up to 15 minutes! Only then is it safe to touch the lamp.
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