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Product Name:500W Xenon Light Source

Model: GLORIA-X500A

Supplier: zolix

500W Xenon Light Source

500W Arc light housing expand to operates 350 W Xe and 500 W Hg(Xe)arc lamps under optimal and for these lamps necessary conditions. Switching between the lamps only requires changing the lamp adapter to position the lamp in the center of the housing.
· Spectral range from UV to VIS(200-2500nm)
· Optical axis height is 157-193mm
· A spherical reflector collects the output from the rear of the lamp and focuses it on or near the arc, for collection by the condenser.
· The output is increased by as much as 60 %
· Output beam diameter is 46mm
· Typical light ripple of our arc light sources is less than 1%.
· Supports wide range of accessories
· Fan cooled housing

Xe arc Iamp light sources are the preferred artificial sources to simulate sunlight. The high color temperature (6000K) of the Xenon lamps is a close match to the solar temperature. This results in very similar solar spectra in the UV and VIS although the source has some Xe emissions lines in the near IR.
Application for fluorescence, Luminescence and Phosphorescence, Absorbance and Reflectance, Photochemistry, Photolithography, Solar simulation


Proper cooling is essential for correct lamp operation. The bulb temperature of arc lamps should not exceed 600-900℃,Because at higher temperatures the bulb is not able to withstand the high gas pressure due to a temperature-related change of the quartz structure (recrystallization). Because of potential current conductor oxidation, the socket temperature must not exceed 230℃.


Our lamp housings include safety features to prevent lamp damage and accidental exposure. The door inter-lock prohibits the operation of the lamp while the door is open. Overheating of the lamp caused by a defect is avoided by a thermal interlock which shuts down the power supply.

Ordering Information

To build a complete light source you will need: Lamp housing, condensing optics, lamp with appropriate adapter, electrical interface, cable and power supply. As an option we suggest the rear reflector for more output.

GLORIA-X500A500W Xenon Light Source500W Xenon Light Source(GLORIA-X500A) includes housing, power supply and lamp(LSB-X500)

Output beam

Lamp Sheet

ModelPower(W)Voltage(V)Current(A)Lifetime (h)Approx.
flux (lm)
Intensity (cd)Approx.Luminance
Lamp size

Tips: Xe and Hg (Xe) lamps are strong UV sources and emit dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to UV, even for short periods, can cause severe skin and eye burns. Always wear protective eyewear and gloves or clothing, when working near these sources. 
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