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Product Name:Tunable Light Source


Supplier: zolix


The Tunable Light Source (TLS ) are pre-aligned, preassembled illumination systems capable of outputting monochromatic light from 200-2500 nm. This is a complete plug and play system and includes TLS-C1 software.
TLS is composed of Zolix light source and spectrometer. It is very convenient for the users who want the flexibility of a modular design and the simplicity of an integrated system.


■ PEC Photochemistry Measurement System
■ Transmission/Absorption /Reflection Measurement System
■ Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
■ The fluorescence Spectrum Measurement ( as excitation light)

■ Surface Photovoltage Test
■ Detector Spectral Responsivity Measurement System
■ Optical Lens Spectral Transmittance Measurement System
■ Eye Protection Products Measurement System
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