Product Name:PMTH-S1-(x) Side Window Photomultipliers Tubes

Model: PMTH-S1-(x)

Supplier: Zolix

PMTH-S1-(x) Detectors

· Design to meet high sensitivity high measurement in the spectral range: 200-1100nm
· Light tight integrating housing
· Matched to Omni-λ series
· Wide range of accessories, including high voltage power supply

Side window photomultipliers tubes

· Side window, with electromagnetic and optical shielding.
· Match well with Zolix spectrograph, sample chamber.
· Output signal through a standard BNC.
· Stable high-voltage input through a dedicated high pressure resistance BNC.
· A variety of models side-windows photomultiplier tubes can be built-in.
· Current output
· Voltage output as option
· Recommended with the high-voltage power supply.


Spectral response curve and quantum

HVC1800 High Voltage Power Supply

High voltage power supply provides stable DC high voltage for the photomultiplier tubes. With the HVC1800, the photomultiplier tubes are well suited for use in various low-level photometries such as general single photon counting applications.
· Output voltage: 0-1500 V, DC negative voltage.
· Output voltage can be changed manually; also available through an external control port (0-10 V) by PC, or D/A · converter (such as DCS300PA).
· Maximum Output Current: 0.5mA
· Maximum output voltage drift: ±0.05%/h
· 3 1/2 digits LED numeric display
· Size:240mmx240mmx120mm
· Weight:3.4kg

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