Product Name:DPbS series PbS Detectors

Model: DPbS

Supplier: Zolix

DPbS series PbS Detectors
PbS detectors application

· DPbS2900 and DPbS3200 are the photoconductive IR detectors, which must be used with lock-in amplifier.
· DPbS2900 and DPbS3200 detectors integrate the pre-amplifier, the detectors output signals are voltage signals. When working with DCS103 or DCS300PA, the detectors needs choosing voltage signal as the sampling mode

Room temperature IR detectors, spectral range from 0.8 to 3.2_m. DPbS2900 and DPbS3200 have the same construction (built-in pre-amplifier).
Effective Area Diameter(mm2)4x56x6
Spectral Range(­m)0.8-2.90.8-3.2
Peak Wavelength(­m)‑2.2‑2.1
Su(V/W)‑ 3×10⁴‑ 300
Rd (MΩ)0.2-20.1-0.3
D* (cm(Hz)1/2/W)‑5× 102‑1×102
Time Constant≤200≤400
Magnification×1 ,×10 ,×100×1 , ×10 , ×100
Input Offset Voltage(­V)<±1<±1
Pre-amplifier Input Drift(­V)±1±1
Frequency Response Range(Hz)100-1000 (400 Hz recommended)
Signal OutputVoltageVoltage
Output Signal PolarityPP
Note: Please refer to Fig1 for DPbS2900 and Fig2 for DPbS3200
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