Product Name:InAs series detectors

Model: InAs

Supplier: Zolix

InAs series detectors 

InAs Detectors Application:

· DInAs3800-TE detectors are current output mode, before connecting to the signal processors such as oscilloscope or lock-in amplifier, the IV Transimpedance Amplifier ZAMP is proposed to be connected as a pre-amp. and which can be input current signal, you can connect to detectors to the signal processors directly. In order to improve the detection sensitivity, the IV Transimpedance Amplifier is recommended.
· DInAs3800-TE detectors used with the DCS103 data acquisition system, the IV Trans-impedance Amplifier is recommended in order to improve the detection sensitivity
· DInAs3800-TE detectors used with the DCS300PA data acquisition system, as signal amplifier has been integrated in the DCS300PA dual-channel; it does not need to match a pre-amplifier
·  In the TE cooled mode, DInAs3800-TE detectors must work with Temperature controller (ZTC) for cooling control

High performance InAs Series Detectors

NIR detectors, spectral range from 1 to 3.8 _m. DInAs3800-TE built-in TE cooling detectors

Effective Area Diameter(mm)2
Spectral Range(_m)1-3.8
Peak Responsivity(A/W)1.5
D* (@λpeak,1KHz)cm Hz 1/2W-19.1×1012
NEP (@λpeak,1KHz)pW/Hz 1/24.4
Operating Temperature(℃)-40
Temperature Stability(℃)±0.5
Signal Outputcurrent
Output Signal PolarityP
Temperature ControllerZTC

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