Product Name:TE Cooled DInGaAs Detectors


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TE Cooled DInGaAs Detectors

In the cooled mode, the detectors must be working with temperature controller (ZTC). Trans-impedance amplifier ZAMP is recommended

DInGaAs detectors application

·  DInGaAs series and DInGaAs-TE series detectors are current output mode, before connecting to the signal processors such as oscilloscope or lock-in amplifier, the IV Trans-impedance Amplifier ZAMP is proposed to be connected as a pre-amp. and which can convert the current signal to voltage signal. If the signal processor indicates that it can be input current signal, you can connect the detectors to the signal processors directly. In order to improve the detection sensitivity, the IV Trans- impedance Amplifier is recommended.
·  DInGaAs series and DInGaAs-TE series detectors used with the DCS103 data acquisition system, the IV Trans-impedance Amplifier is recommended in order to improve the detection sensitivity.
·  DInGaAs series and DInGaAs-TE series detectors used with the DCS300PA data acquisition system, as signal amplifier has been integrated in the DCS300PA dual-channel; it does not need to match a pre-amplifier.
·  In the TE cooled mode, DInGaAs-TE series detectors must work with Temperature controller (ZTC) for cooling control.
TE cooled InGaAs detectors, spectral range from 0.8_m to 2.6_m. DInGaAs(x)-TE detectors have the same construction. DInGaAs -1700-TE and DInGaAs-2600-TE both use two stage TE cooled InGaAs detectors. Spectral response curve see below.


Effective Area Diameter(mm)33
Spectral Range(nm) 800-1700800-2600
Peak Responsivity(A/W) 0.91.2
Operating Temperature(℃)-40-40
Temperature Stability(℃)±0.5±0.5
Ambient Temperature(℃)+10~+40+10~+40
Signal Outputcurrentcurrent
Output Signal PolarityPP
Temperature ControllerZTCZTC

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