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Product Name:DCS300PA Data Acquisition System with Pre Amplifier

Model: DCS300PA

Supplier: Zolix

DCS300PA Data Acquisition System with Pre Amplifier

DCS300PA data acquisition unit is a dual channel pre-amplifier of weak signal acquisition unit, an upgrade version DCS103, covers DCS103 all data acquisition function, due to the increased the multi-position, high-gain pre-amplifier, thus is suitable for a weak signal data acquisition.


■ Measurement Signal Range:
Current input ±1mA~±10mA
Voltage input ±1mV~±10V
■ AUX Measurement Range: DC 0~10V
■ Voltage Gain: 100-104
■ Current Gain: 103-107
■ Integration time: 10s-10s
■ Data Points: ≤2000( Stored in RAM)
■ Temperature Measurement Range -30~100 ℃(AD590)
■ A/D Converter Accuracy: 16 Bits
■ D/A Converter Accuracy:12 Bits(output DC0-10V,)
■ Trigger output channel: can control shutter, solenoid
■ Trigger input channel: TTL rising edge
■ I/O 5 Input, 2 TTL Output
■ CE
■ Communicating Interface: USB2.0
■ Power Supply: AC 100-240V ,50/60Hz(DC24V, 0.3A)
■ Outline 260mmX260mmX120mm
■ Weight 3.3kg 



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