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Product Name:DCS103 Data Acquisition System

Model: DCS103

Supplier: Zolix

DCS103 Data Acquisition System

The DCS103 can be used as a normal DAQ system for low signals. It's also used with Zolix Omni-λ monochromators, detectors and so on.


· Wide measuring range can be changed to 256 times of gain.
· High measurement precision, high performance operational amplifier and ±15 bits precision A/D converter).
· Has a dual input channel of the same performance, can be set respectively for the input DC voltage or DC current input.
· With dual 0 to 10V DC output D/A transformation of the channel.
· Single channel and rate measurement can be performed.
· The software system is easy to operate.


· Measurement Signal Range:
Current input:±156m~±40A
Voltage input:±15.6mV~±4V
· A/D Converter Accuracy:15 Bits
· D/A Converter Accuracy:12 Bits(output DC0-10V,)
· Trigger input channel pulse width of input signal is not less than 0.5 s TTL level, pulse frequency is not greater than 2 MHz.
· Trigging Signal output:
High level: Width=25S, Level=5V
Pulse: T=0.1mS~25ms, interval=0.1mS, Level=5V Square signal,
Frequency: 40Hz-10KHz
· Sampling storage make sampling speed can be increased to 17947 times per second ( only 55.7184 s for each sampling)
· Communicating Interface: USB2.0, RS232
· Outline 260mmX260mmX120mm
· Weight 3.0kg 

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