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Product Name:DCS210PC Series

Model: DCS210PC

Supplier: zolix

DCS210PC Series

DCS210PC single photon counter, in photon counting function it based on the realization chopper control function phosphorescence and fluorescence lifetime testing. The instrument is also equipped with 3DC voltage input analog signal acquisition channel (16Bits, 0~10V) and 1 analog signal output channels (12Bits, 0~10V), convenient combination system.

The instrument of the chopping mode can enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, With the Company's production of Omni-λ spectrometers/monochromator, efficient and stable light source, high sensitivity detectors, greatly enhance the sensitivity measurements, making the water Raman signal to noise ratio up to 4000:1.

DCS210PC photon counter lifetime measurement functions, with the Company's production of Omni-λ spectrometers/monochromators, pulsed light source module, SAC-FS fluorescence of the sample chamber, high sensitivity detector, can achieve>10uS long-life measurements, especially in strong light fluorescent powder and rare earth sample measurement. Instrument Response width:1uS. Achieve lifetime measuring range: 10uS~10S.


One Photon Counter ChannelPhoton counter rate:100 Mcps
Three Analog Input ChannelsSignal input range: 0~10V voltage input
AD conversion accuracy: 16 bits
One Analog Output ChannelVoltage output range: 0~10 VDA
conversion accuracy: 12 bits
Trigger ModeExternal trigger input interface: TTL level compatible software trigger: receive instruction start count
Chopping ModeChopper control function, enhance the signal to noise ratio
Life Measurements FunctionLife measurement range:10­S~10S
Instrument Response Width:1­S
InterfaceStandard USB interface
Instrument Size240mmX240mmX120mm
Power SupplyAC110V/220V
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