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Product Name:Absorption -Reflection Spectrophotometer

Model: OmniAS

Supplier: Zolix

OmniAS Absorption -Reflection Spectrophotometer

The ZLX-AS system is designed for high quality measurements with excellent stray light performance of absorption, transmission and reflectance from a wide range of solid and liquid samples. The system can be configured for use from the UV to IR spectral ranges by appropriate light source, monochromator grating and detector selection. Indeed by using an Omni-λ300 or longer focal length monochromator this system can continuously scan from UV to IR making it ideal for a range of samples that would be difficult to characterise with conventional spectrophotometer designs. The large sample chamber is fully modular and can accept a range of thin film, cuvette, and solid sample holders depending upon the application need and has fully adjustable optics to allow optimisation of the signal. Optional integrating spheres can be added if diffuse reflectance measurements are required.

 Diagram of System
 System Configurations 




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