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Product Name:UV-VIS spectrophotometer standard device


Supplier: Zolix

UV-VIS spectrophotometer standard device

  1. This sytem is single-beam and  Sample is placed vertically on the parallel beam, then measure transmittance; Including four pats: double-monochromator,light housing,sample chamber, motion control and software.
    Accurate measurement of spectral transmittance
    Double-monochromator ,focal length 750mm scan automatically
    Large dimension grating(110mm×110mm),high energy efficiency.
    Photometric measurement accuracy, Uncertainty of Measurement  is larger than 0.05%T
    High wavelength accuracy 0.05nm,high repeatability is 0.005nm
  2. Improving imaging quality by toroidal mirrors.
    Sample stage holding the sample can be automatically shifted out of the optical path
    Light  housing: UV--Deuterium lamp,VIS- tungsten lamp,wavelength Calibration-Mercury and Laser,swaitch automatically.
    Had the dual aperture optical linear inspection device for easy linearity check
    The light path from a Glan-thompson prism side and picking side for easy inspection polarization
    Has automatical iris diagram and change the diameter of light
    Automatical shutter is very easy for customer to control dark-signal and high accuracy inspection.
    Spectroscopy software and filter wheel software, Output data collection and analysis and calculation software, measurement parameters are automatically saved and can be printed directly
Two measurement mode: wavelength scan and set the wavelength mode, for high accuracy or fast measurements.

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