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Product Name:Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance

Model: OmniAS

Supplier: zolix

Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance

Absorbance is a measure of the amount of light absorbed by a sample as a beam of light passes through it. In this process, a chemical species is excited from a lower to a higher energy level
Absorbance, transmittance, and reflectance measurements are typically made with.
When choosing a single-point detector, you must first consider the wavelength region to be studied. Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are used in the ultraviolet, silicon detectors in the visible, indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) and lead sulfide detectors in the near-infrared region, and mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) in the mid-infrared region. Zolix sells single-point detectors made of each of these materials.

OmniAS Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance Measurement System


Transmission and reflection/absorption is optical element (such as optical material, filter, coating, etc.) and a variety of life material (glass,cloth,car sticker etc.) important indicators. The optical properties of OmniAS transmission and reflection/absorption spectra measurement system is aimed at the application requirement, the design of high integration, automated measurement system, it can help developers easily and fast in the laboratory QC or complete transmission/reflection spectral testing.

A generic absorbance/transmittance or reflectance measurement system consists of:

 · light source
 · Monochromator
 · Detection system
 · Filter wheel
 · Sample chamber or system (such as a fiber optic probe)

Other options are available upon request.

Omni-DR300 Solid Powder Diffuse Reflectance Measurement System

This system adopts the wide band wavelength tunable monochromatic light source and integrating sphere, down-looking configurations, sample stage for small drawer sample box, convenient to place the powder samples, easy to replace.
■Spectral range: 350-2500nm
■ Spectral resolution: 2nm
■ Step: 0.2-100nm
■ Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.2nm(UV, visible), ±0.5nm(NIR)
■ Photometric measurement accuracy: 1%(UV, visible), 2%(NIR)
■ Photometric measurement repeatability: 1%
■ Testing optical axis and the sample Angle:<10°
■ Sample size (typ.): Ø10(D) *3(H)(mm)

Omni-DR600 Plane Material Diffuse Reflectance & Transmittance Measurement System

This system adopts the wide band wavelength tunable monochromatic light source and integrating sphere, up-looking configurations(8°focusing). Sample stage is 160 * 160 mm, convenient placement of all kinds of plane object for testing, such as all kinds of functional fabric. At the same time, the system integration of the transmittance measurement probe, can measure all kinds of pervious to light material (thickness less 5 mm).

 Spectral range: 350-2500nm
 Spectral resolution: 2nm
 Step: 0.2-100nm
 Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.2nm(UV, visible), ±0.5nm(NIR)
 Photometric measurement accuracy: 1%(UV, visible), 2%(NIR)
 Photometric measurement repeatability: 1% (450nm-1800nm)
 Testing optical axis and the sample Angle:<10°
 Sample size (typ.): Diameter>15mm, thickness less 5 mm for transmittance measurement

Sample Test

Spectral range: 380-800nm, Bandwidth: 5nm,
Grating: 1200g/mm 300nm 
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