Product Name:Ultra-High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages

Model: RAuK

Supplier: Zolix

Ultra-High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages

RAuK series is developed on the basis of RAK series,import grating internal,achieve 360° closed-loop,closed-loop resolution is 1.8〞(RAuK100)or 1.2〞(RAuK200).It has passed so many customers test (in china, haerbin university, and so on),application:ultra-high angle postion, for example:GPS tracking systems,ultra-high precision multi-dimension scanning measurement,ultra-precision laser processing and so on .
       ◆ultra-precision grating internal, closed-loop resolution is  1.8〞(RAuK100)or 1.2〞(RAuK200). in conjunction with MC600 controller, achieve 360° closed-loop
  • Precision worm has passed special treatment and wear-resistant materials,achieve ultra-high position accuracy and better durability, precision of retention
  • import ultra-high steel cross roller rail, ensure axial runout,radial runout and related specification in conjunction with zolix special precision grinding craft(including Al base precision grind),high load capacity,can be used in vertical direction,even invert
  • assemble craft and test method that higher international, ensure all the products performance
  • separate design of motor interface and circle grating singal, you can choose it according to requirements
  • achieve absolute postion by zero switch
  • planning three phase stepper motor and servo-motor of this series and other sizes

     Grating Diagram






Model RAuK100RAuK200
Resolution of 8 sub-division(°)0.001250.00125
Closed-loop Resolution(〞)1.81.2
Drive Ratio180:1180:1
Max Speed(deg./sec.)2525
Repeatability (°)<0.005<0.005
Radial Runout(μm)<15<10
Axial Runout(μm)<15<10
Stepper Motor(angle)42(1.8°)57(1.8°)
Load Capacity(kg)3050


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