Product Name:High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages

Model: RAK

Supplier: Zolix

Model: RAK
High Precision Motorized Rotation Stages

New construction ,new technology;the key index has up to the international level of the similar products by strictly inspection .This series products are used to laser precision processing,three dimensional scanning measurment system and so on .
◆Stepper motor drive ,finish angle adjustment automatically;
◆Worm and worm wheel has adopted durable to friction material ,high reliable accuracy of rotation .
◆High precision ,ultra steel axises of importing ,achieve high precision, high load stable motion
◆Outer circle has scale, interface , convenience for signal’s output
◆Circle grating and encoder combine with MC series controller ,achieve closed-loop control
  Standard stepper motor and DB9 interface, choose to controller flexibility
◆three phase stepper motor and servo-motor is planning





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SC300 Controller

         Model           RAK100RAK200RAK350
Worm Gear Ratio180:1
Stepper Motor42(1.8°)57(1.8°)
Max. Center Load30 kg50 kg100 kg
Radial  Runout<15 um<10 um<20 um
Axial runout<15 um<10 um<20 um
Max. Speed25° /Sec.25° /Sec.14° /Sec.
Current (A)1.72.4
Model           RAK100RAK200RAK350

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