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TBR and TBRF series motorized rotation stages

TBR and TBRF series motorized rotation stages


TBR series motorized rotation stages are designed by Zolix for meeting the strict requirements of high precision, high rigidity and high repetition rate for operation and being suitable for the applications of industrial automation fields. The worm gears used in TBF family are made of tin bronze which presents excellent wear-resistant performance. The matched worms are made of stainless steel and treated with high-frequency quench and provide high hardness and high rigidity. Good appearance comes from main body materials of black anodic-oxidation hard aluminum alloy. Fine cross-roller collar constitutes main part of guiding mechanism and present high strength, high loading capability and long-term durability. This series products can be operated horizontally, vertically and even inverted. Higher motion accuracy is guaranteed by fine-designed inner shaft structure. Generally this series of motorized rotation stages are suitable for being integrated with other equipment or operated in automatic production lines which locate in complex application situation and need higher long-term durability.
Standard TBR series products employ worm gear/worm with higher transmission ratio which result in higher meshing accuracy but slower rotation speed. TBRF version is faster than standard TBR series by using a set of worm gear/worm which has smaller transmission ratio to guarantee higher rotation speed. TBRF series has higher rigidity and rotates faster with relative lower meshing accuracy. This is a family of products to be used in applications which require higher speed, higher wear-resistant performance but lower operation speed

 Main characteristics:

· Excellent wear-resistance contributed by materials of tin bronze of worm gears
· High hardness and rigidity from qualified stainless steel of worm treated with high-frequency quench techniques
· The main part in guiding mechanism is fine cross-roller collar which offers high strength, high loading capability and good durability in different application status of being operated horizontally, vertically and inverted
· A set of gap-adjustment mechanism is added to ensure smooth running and smaller backlash, based on employed high-meshing-accuracy worm gear/ worm
· Two-phase stepping motors are standard; servo motors with different brands are optional
· Built-in origin-point sensor can be operated easily

 Naming rules:
Selection chart:TBRF200为设计规格,技术指标以最终发布内容为准)