Product Name:2&4 Axis,RS232&USB interface Controller

Model: MC600

Supplier: Zolix

Model:  MC600
        2&4 Axis,RS232&USB interface

MC600 includes 3 sub-division :
2 phase stepper motor :MC600-2B/4B
◆ 3 phase stepper motor :MC6003P-2B/4B
◆panasonic AC servo-motor controller : servo-motor high cost, large size,we divde into control cabinet MC600ASP and drive cabinet ASP-XXXX.
control cabinet is universal product,  drive cabinet includes from 1 to 4 axis product,different servo-motor 100W or 200W,divide below models

Nubers of axis ModelSpecification
1 axisASP-1000100W
2 axesASP-1100100W
 ASP-1200One axis:100W,another is 200W
3 axesASP-1110100W
 ASP-1120One axes: 200w,others is 100W
 ASP-1220One axes:100w,others is 200W
4 axesASP-1111100W
 ASP-1112One axes: 200w,others is 100W
 ASP-1122Two axes :200W,two axes is 100W
 ASP-1222One axes: 100w,others is 200W

MC series is a multi-functions product,used to measuring and position controling ,excellent quality and high cost perfomance.MC 600 achieve point to point (control 4 axis or 2 axis) of translation and rotation and goinometers stages.equipped with stepping motor drive or swap-actuaor driver .Aboundant parameters,flexible online communication commands ,make the system easier and more effectiveness, can achieve the linear interporlation of 3 axis and the circle interporlation of 2 axis.
■This system adopted 32 bits DSP processors,achieved high precision control of high arithmetics,the closed-loop control of digital PID ensure deceleration or acceleration of accuracy and position control ;stepping motor drive achieve 128 sub-division,ensure stable ability of low speed stepping positional repeatability
The use of servomotor meet the indication of high speed motion.
■Two models :inching and increment
◆Inching:quickly locate to target ,accelerate process of experiment
◆Increment:suitable for postional locating applications
■Meet to the combination control of many motoried stages and rotation stages
◆Angle value:display of angle displacement
◆Mm unit:display of linear displacement(motorized linear displacement stages
■Four axises have closed-loop control function (achieve by grating ruler/rotation encoder external
■Make the adjustment of positon and position accuration
■The accuracy of position system is depend on accuracy of grating ruler and encoder
■Decided the speed of return original,initial speed constant speed and accelerate speed and software position limit ,suitable for different control;For example:the system need limit response time,set up larger original or accelerate speed ;system need stable motion,light force,set up small original or accelerate speed ;system need constant speed can choose constant motion model
Set up any postion as the working origion
■The design of zero simple operation ,composited photonic sensor combine with posiiton arimethic,increase the accuracy of the physical zero
■Read logical position,real position ,driver speed,accelerate speed all the time in motion etc status parameters
■16 road I/O set up output exter or trigger output by program.when I/O is input internal,as stop motion or signal of operate special processing
■When I/O is input I/O as the interface hardware of monitor device status
■Achieve indication of motion control by zolix MC antivex.additionally ,finishing simple programme by MC control software,set up motion parameters and location parameters conveniently
■Compare with self-made, reducing workload
■Display surface of 240x128 lattice LCD,aboundant content,the design of style of menu .is easy to set up parameter
◆Multi-menu function,convenient for set up parameter
◆Display the parameter of  x y z t  axises simultaneously
◆Choose different model of operating
◆Display measure units
■Store the parameter ,non- loss electric,simple operating process
Lead meachanism of translation .radium of ratation and motion parameter is set up , can memory, avoid the reset parameter when open and close PC,avoiding the error from artificial.
■Joy stick achieve manual scanning of three directions and target tracing.,flexible control, it achieve manual control by yaw, pitch, tilt ,clickwise rotation, convenient for remote prelocate and range scanning.the speed of joy stick have plus and minus total 8 achieve switch by tilt angle of ratation and stop time.convenient and flexibile

Model MC600-4BMC600-2BMC6003PBMC6003P-2BMC600ASP+ASP-XXXX
Indication4 axes 2 phase stepper motor2 axes2 phase stepper motor4 axes 3 phase stepper motor2 axes3phase stepper motorServo-motor cabinet+servo-motor drive cabinet
Motor control2 phase stepper motor(24V,3.5Amax)3 phase stepper motor(24V,5.8 A maxPanasonic AC servo-motor (220V,200W max)
Open or closed-loop control
300kHz pulse frequency2mHzpulse frequency
128 sub-division max51200 max,numbers of pulse1048576max
Motion control32 digital,150Mhz DSP controller
PID servo control
Terraced speed adjust
Point to point,synchronous or dy synchronous motion
Inching and increment
 3 axes linear interpolation , 2 axes circle interpolation
Output triggerOpen collector output
sensorZero switch,left and right limited switches
softwareZolixMC600 software
MC600 control software
I/O16 digital programmable TTL I/O
Memory512KB flash non-volatile firmware
Display pannelLCD,240X128,105X56MM
ZolixMC activex
ZolixMC activex suit to control box of zolix MC300 stages,MC300 control box adjust by ultra-terminal devices,commands should familiar with out control protocol,in order to the second developed ,we adopt zolix MC.OCX,reducing development time.we provide whole software, make you understand controller
◆Zolix MC is developed by vc6,sealed with protocol of stages ,users can progarm quickly with knowing the control protocol.
◆Zolix MCequipped with the function of communication and control .Donot need to understand programme
Providing vb example and indication of SC300, users only use the second developed file, conveient for control stages.lexible,positive of setting up surface ,suitable for this style of software
◆Zolix MC provide basic test and simple tese surface,is easy to test of controller and motorized stages
◆Integral operational surface,software support english surface dispaly,including the whole activex function
◆Operating of target and increment,is easy for position of stages
◆Set up operating formula ,constant operatiing conveniently

ASP-1000                                            667
ASP-2000                                            750
ASP-1100                                         1,167
ASP-1200                                         1,250
ASP-2200                                         1,333
ASP-1110                                         1,667
ASP-1120                                         1,750
ASP-1220                                         1,833
ASP-2220                                         1,917
ASP-1111                                         2,167
ASP-1112                                         2,250
ASP-1122                                         2,333
ASP-1222                                         2,417
ASP-2222                                         2,500

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