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Product Name:Iris Diaphragm

Model: APID

Supplier: Zolix

Model: APID12-1
Iris Diaphragm, 1.2 to 12 mm Aperture Range,Price: USD25

Model: APID22-1
Iris Diaphragm, 1.5 to 22 mm Aperture Range,Price: USD33

Model: APID42-1
Iris Diaphragm, 2.5 to 42mm Aperture Range,Price: USD50

Model: APID12-GD
Iris Diaphragm Holder,Hold for APID12-1,Price: USD3

Iris Diaphragm Holder,Hold for APID22-1,Price: USD5

Model: APID42-GD
Iris Diaphragm Holder,Hold for APID42-1,Price: USD7

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