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SmartFluo-QY Steady-State Fluorescence Spectrometer

SmartFluo-QY is designed based on single photon counting technology. SmartFluo-QY is based on the optimization design of optical system for nearly 15 years, and using a single photon counter as a data acquisition device, so it has the ability to detect very weak fluorescent signals, and the signal to noise ratio of water Raman is > 3000:1. SmartFluo-QY can achieve wide spectrum detection range, and can meet the requirements of various research and industrial applications such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, semiconductor materials, environmental science and other scientific research and industrial applications.

Application areas:

·Biochemistry: cytotoxicity, quantitative analysis of ionic concentration, cell proliferation, DNA quantification, chemical quantitative analysis, etc.
·Environmental monitoring: all kinds of trace drug residue detection, water quality evaluation, food safety supervision, pollutant analysis, etc.
·Drug development and pharmacology: conventional drug analysis, development of new protein drugs, mechanism of drug action in biological systems, quinolones, drug detection, high throughput screening, etc.
·Food science and Agriculture: food shelf life assessment, bacterial growth measurement, pesticide analysis, food quality control, etc.

Challenge sensitivity limit -- "single photon counting technology"

"Single photon counting" is using the feature of natural discretization of the output signal of the photomultiplier in weak light. The precision pulse amplitude discrimination and digital counting technology are used to extract the weak light signals submerged in the background noise. When the weak light is irradiated to the photoelectron cathode, each incident photon emits an electron with a certain probability (quantum efficiency). This photoelectron is multiplied by the multiplier system. Finally, a current pulse is formed in the anode circuit to form an electric pressure pulse through the load resistance. This pulse is called a single photon pulse. The single photon counting technique can detect a single non overlapping photon energy pulse, and work by precise means of identification, thus realizing the purpose of detecting the weak signal of the single photon level.

System sensitivity

The single photon counting technique used in SmartFluo-QY provides a test result that the peak count rate is over 100Mcps and the water Raman signal to noise ratio is above 3000:1 in the standard condition. Compared with the conventional fluorescence spectrometer, the sensitivity is 10- 100 times higher than that of the conventional fluorescence spectrometer. It is more favorable for the detection of the weak luminescent samples and can be detected as low as 1 x 10-15 mol/L concentration of fluorescein. Its high sensitivity provides a reliable guarantee for the detection of various ordinary fluorescence and weak fluorescence signals.

Spectral range

The excitation source with 150W xenon lamp can provide high efficient excitation energy in the UV-NIR spectral range, and the fluorescence detection responded from 185-670nm or 185-900nm with the high sensitive single photon counting.

Stray light

Stray light suppression is one of the most important factors to effect the signal-to-noise ratio of sample measuring, especially for trace amount samples. The optimization design of SmartFluo-QY reduces the stray light greatly, and stray light rejection ratio is 10-5 :1.

Spectral correction

The uncorrected spectra can cause unpredictable spectral distortion due to the interference of various factors such as light source spectrum and optical transfer function of optical path system, which will affect the final spectral conclusion. SmartFluo-QY uses the built-in standard detector module and the calibration data to provide spectrum correction support for the whole system.
The excitation light part of SmartFluo-QY consists of a standard reference detector, which is corrected by a standard reference detector for each measurement to ensure the consistency of the excitation energy of the 150W xenon lamp at all wavelengths. The spectral responsivity of the SmartFluo-QY is corrected by a standard light source in the factory.

Spectral resolution and excitation light intensity control

The excitation and emission spectrometers of SmartFluo-QY are 300mm focal length high resolution spectrometers. The excitation source can adjust the luminous flux of 5%-100% flexibly through the automatic aperture, the minimum bandwidth of the excitation wavelength can reach 0.1nm, the fluorescence detection can discriminate the 0.1nm fluorescence peak, and the excellent mechanical performance ensures the wavelength repeatability up to 0 .1nm.

Powerful software functions

The SmartFluo-QY advanced software package provides the user with complete control, a variety of measurement options, mathematical algorithm processing and many other powerful functions. The user only needs to pay attention to the process of experimental operation, and the software will help to complete most of the data collection and analysis.

Measurement mode
Excitation spectrum scan
Fluorescence emission spectrum scan
Synchronous spectral scan
Electroluminescent spectrum scan
Polarization spectrum scan
Fluorescence Mapping
Dynamic scan
Fluorescence quantum yield measurement
Data processing and display
Arithmetic (+,-,×,÷) Spectral correction (real time correction or post-processing)
Normalization Spectral smoothing
Erase the rays Chromaticity coordinates
Quantum yield calculation 2D, 3D display
Defining extended scan mode

Synchronous measurement

In synchronous measurement, both excitation and emission monochromators are scanned synchronously the user preset offset, which can be used to distinguish and identify fluorescence components in mixtures.

Fluorescence quantum yield measurement

The fluorescence quantum yield is one of the important luminescent parameters of the fluorescence substance, which is defined as the ratio of the number of photons emitted by the fluorescence substance to the number of the photons that the absorbed light is absorbed. Different from the traditional contrast test, SmartFluo-QY uses integral sphere to measure the absolute quantum yield of samples, and the results are more accurate and reliable. The four step measurement method can eliminate the influence of the two absorption of the excitation light on the measurement results, and further improve the accuracy of the measurement results.


Excitation light source 150W continuous xenon light source (230-1800nm)
Monochromator 300mm focal length, C-T, triple grating turret design, low stray light
Grating (Ex.) 1200g/mm@300nm
Grating (Em.) 1200g/mm@500nm
Spectral range (Ex.) 200-600nm
Spectral range (Em.) 200-1000nm
Filter wheel filter wheel with six positions
Spectral resolution 0.1nm(@1200g/mm,435.83nm)
Spectral bandwidth 0.1-30nm(depending on grating line density and slit width)
Wavelength accuracy ±0.2nm(@1200g/mm)
Scanning speed 100nm/s
Integration time 10­s-200s
Detector R1527P(Blue sensitive, 200-670nm)
R928P(Red sensitive 200-870nm)
Reference detector UV sensitive silicon detector (200- 1100nm)
Polarization measurement accessories Optional, 0-90°,230-2000nm
Water Raman S/N ‑ 3500:1(Blue sensitive)
‑ 2000:1(Red sensitive)
Size 840×620×330mm(L*H*W)


·Cuvette sample stage
This sample stage and cuvette are standard accessories, can be used to test liquid samples. This sample stage includes level adjustment( with the range of ±6.5mm ) and rotation adjustment( with the range of 360° ), can install the cuvette with 45mm(H)X12.4mmX12.4mm.

·Solid powder samples stage
This accessory can be used to test solid and power samples, and also can test the liquid samples with cuvette. This stage can make sure that the excitation light does not directly enter the monochromator, which could reduce the stray light effectively, improve the SNR. The stage includes level adjustment(with the range of ±6.5mm) and rotation adjustment(with the range of 360° ), can install the cuvette with 45mm(H)X12.4mmX12.4mm.

·Water bath constant temperature sample holder
The temperature of the sample can be controlled by the external water bath controller (this sample stage not including water circulation temperature control device). That can be applied to temperature control for biological and chemical reactions. The stage includes level adjustment(with the range of ± 6.5mm) and rotation adjustment(with the range of 360° ), can install the cuvette with 45mm(H) X12.4mmX12.4mm..

·Integrating sphere accessory
Fluorescence quantum yields measurement accessory, built-in the Sample Chamber of the SmartFluo-QY. The integrating sphere can be used to test liquid, solid and power samples.

·Fluorescence polarization accessory
Used to test the fluorescence polarization angle(0-90° ) and fluorescence anisotropy, wavelength range: 380-780nm. Apply to a wide range of applications for medicine and biochemistry.

Ordering information

Model Description
SFQY-9000 Including SFQY-A1,SFQY-A2,SFQY-B1, SFQY-B2,Red sensitive PMT.
SFQY-9003 Including SFQY-A1,SFQY-A2,SFQY-B1, SFQY-B2,Blue sensitive PMT
SFQY-A1 Grating,1200g/mm@300nm
SFQY-A2 Grating,1200g/mm@500nm
SFQY-A3 Grating,600g/mm@300nm
SFQY-A4 Grating,600g/mm@500nm
SFQY-A5 Grating,600g/mm@750nm
SFQY-A6 Grating,300g/mm@1250nm
Sample stage
SFQY-B1 Cuvette sample stage, including two quartz cuvetes.
SFQY-B2 Solid powder samples stage
SFQY-B3 Water bath constant temperature sample holder, not including water circulation device.
SFQY-B4 Integrating sphere, fluorescence quantum yields measurement accessory.
Polarization accessory
SFQY-C1 Ex. polarization accessory(230-2000nm)
SFQY-C2 Em. polarization accessory(230-2000nm)
Replacement parts
SFQY-K1 150W CW Xenon bulb
SFQY-K2 R928P PMT (Red sensitivity)
SFQY-K3 R1527P PMT (Blue sensitivity)