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Double Monochromators/Spectrographs

Double Monochromators/Spectrographs
Omni-λxxxD series Double Monochromators/Spectrographs
The Double Monochromators/Spectrographs include two 300 mm focus monochromators( or 500 mm, 750 mm focus) which are with fine alignment. Double Monochromator has the dispersion subtraction mode and dispersion sum mode. Using dispersion sum mode, the double monochromator / spectrograph spectral resolution can be doubled, suitable for high resolution measurement. Using dispersion subtraction mode, the double monochromator / spectrograph stray light can be reduced effectively, suitable for weaker signal detection, such as Raman spectral measurement.

Specification @1200g/mm grating

  Omni-λ300D Omni-λ500D Omni-λ750D
  dispersion sum dispersion subtraction dispersion sum dispersion subtraction dispersion sum dispersion subtraction
Focal length(mm) 600 300 1000 500 1500 750
Grating size(mm) 68×68
Relative aperture F/3.9 F/3.9 F/6.5 F/6.5 F/ 9.7 F/9.7
Reciprocal Dispersion (nm/mm) 1.35 2.7 0.85 1.7 0.55 1.1
Resolution (nm) 0.05 0.1 0.03 0.05 0.02 0.03
Wavelength accuracy(nm) ±0.2
Wavelength repeatability (nm) ±0.1
Slit Width: 0.01-3mm (can be adjusted continually), optional motorized slit .
Height: Optional 2,4,10,14mm.
Interface Standard USB2.0,optional RS-232