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Stepper Motor,Precision Linear Stages,Application for Labs

Stepper Motor,Precision Linear Stages,Application for Labs

Stepper motor and RS232 interface combine with SC300,MC series controller, achieve automatical control.
Grinding ball screw ,linear slide and elastic couplings adopt high-quality products ,provide quality assurance .
The design of limited switches and zero switch protect products and supply convenience;Standard interface is convenient for singal’s output.
The back of motorized stages has handwheel , it is for convenience for adjustment;
Standard hole is so easy for combine with other units, ensure convenience for multi-dimensional system;
standard stepper motor and DB9 interface, choose to any controller according to requiremment



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Model PSA050-11-X PSA100-11-X PSA150-11-X PSA200-11-X PSA300-11-X PSA400-11-X
Price(USD) 933 1100 1183 1217 1483 1650
Travel Range(mm) 50 100 150 200 300 400
Screw Pitch(mm) 4 5
Resolution(8 sub-division) (μm) 2.5 3.125
Max Speed(mm/sec) 40 50
Repeatability(μm) <3
Backlash(μm) <5
Straightness <10μm <10μm/100MM
Parallism <15μm <15μm/100MM
Stepper Motor(angle) 42(1.8°) 57 (1.8°)
Current(A) 1.7 2.4
Max. Center Load(kg) 30 50