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Stepper Motor,Linear Stage

Stepper Motor,Linear Stage

Standard products has adopted ball screw,precision products has adopted grinding screw ;Slide has adopted linear bearing,Elastic couplings adopt high-quality imported products ,ensure machine quality .
The design of limited swtiches and zero switch has protected products ;Standard interface is convenient for signal output;The handwheel in the back of motors can achieve manual adjustment, Standard hole is convenient for combined-dimensional,It is so convenient for combined with other parts;Application for low load and high-precision fileds.




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Model TSA50 TSA100 TSA150 TSA200
Price(USD) 400 483 567 650
Travel Range(mm) 50 100 150 200
Screw pitch 4
Resolution(μm) 1.25 2.5
Max speed (mm/sec.) 20 40
Repeatability (μm) <5
Stepper Motor 42(0.9°) 42(1.8°)
Working current(A) 1.7
Max. Center Load(kg) 15 10 7
Weight(kg) 2.75 3 3.3 3.8