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CXP and CXPF series small-size high-precise motorized linear stages

CXP series is high-precise motorized linear stages designed and manufactured by Zolix, especially for the usage scenarios such as small-size and high frequency of operation. This family of product are made of hard aluminum alloy with black anodic-oxidation surface treatments which ensure the good wear resistance and nice appearance. A set of cross-roller guide is employed which offers high motion precision even with heavy load. Imported ball screws (1mm lead pitch) are the key parts of driving mechanism and used with two-phase stepping motors (Japanese brands) to ensure accurate micro-step capabilities and high positioning accuracy. It is their best using scenarios of integrating this series into customer’s own systems such automation equipment, instruments and production lines in which limited space must being considered.
CXPF series is one of derivative version of CXP family. A new type of ball screw who has longer lead pitch (2mm) and a set of new cross-roller guides are used to replace the original ones to meet the requirements of faster moving, higher rigidity and longer travel range

Main characteristics:
· Using short-lead-pitch ball screws with two-phase stepping motors to provide good     micro-step capability and rigidity
· Cross-roller guides ensure better rigidity and higher load capability
· nstallation surface treated by using fine-grinding techniques to guarantee higher motion precision
· Three built-in sensors (positive- and negative position limit sensors and one origin-point sensor) installed with flexible cables and relative units to make sure easy maintenance

Model CXP15-40 CXP20-60 CXPF30-80 CXPF50-80100  
Table size(mm) 40*40 60*60 80*80 80*100 80*125 80*175
Travel(mm) 15 20 30 50 75 100
Weight(Kg) 0.4 0.6 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8
Max Speed(mm/s) 10 20
Step/half-step resolution (μm) 5/2.5 10/5
20-fine-subdivision resolution (μm) 0.25 0.5
Single-direction positioning accuracy (μm) ≤20 ≤40
Repositioning accuracy (μm) ≤±1.5 ≤±2
Static parallelism (mm) ≤0.8 ≤0.1
Motion linearity (μm) ≤10
 Motion parallelism (μm) ≤15
Yaw (“)  ≤35 /
Pitch  ≤30 /
Motor and Angle Two-phase 28 stepping motor, 1.2,  Two-phase 42 stepping motor, 1.8
Working current (A)  1.3 1.7
Torque of motor (N·m)  0.0785 0.456
Type of plugs  1*DB9 (pin)
Voltage of power supply for sensors (V) DC5~24V ±10%
Horizontal direction (Kg) 5 8 16 20 25 30
Invert direction (Kg) 2 3 5 6 7 8
Vertical direction (Kg) 3 4 5 5 5 5
Backlash(um) ≤3
Reverse Backlash(um) ≤1
Note: Highest speed is measured with the conditions of zero-load and motors being worked at 600rpm
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