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PA series precise motorized linear stages

PA series precise motorized linear stages

PA series products are designed as middle-size and middle-travel-range precise motorized stages. The base plates in this series employ high-rigidity U-type structure to ensure this series could be suitable for the operations in the circumstances of heavy load, high rigidity and multi-dimension combinations. A stainless-steel dustproof cover is optional to protect all inner parts of stages from particles and dust in real operation environments, which could guarantee better stability, durability and the capability to keep a long-term accuracy.
PA series products employ precise-grade ball screws, linear-slider guides and high-performance Shaft coupling units. This kind of design offers good adaptabilities for being used in accurate operation scenarios with relative complex environments.

Main characteristics:
· Fine machining for U-type aluminum alloy base plates, which are treated as black anodic-oxidation. High rigidity and nice appearance.
· Precise-grade linear-slider guides are used to guarantee high load capability and high motion accuracy
· Stainless-steel dustproof covers are optional
· Two-phase stepping motors standard, servo motors optional

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